Meet the Team

Jenna Ross MSW LCSW

Jenna focuses on making conversations easy and yet powerful by meeting people where they are at. Jenna uses a person-centered, trauma-focused approach which means she is comfortable with big life experiences and believes in the inherent worth of each person.

Jenna’s expertise includes teens and young adult counseling as well as trauma survivors, EMDR, LGBTQI+, and addiction. Jenna provides a safe and comfortable space for individuals looking for therapy that works. Jenna can help you feel less depressed or anxious and feel happier. Jenna will help you better understand the strengths you may be missing in yourself.


Jenna received her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the state of Colorado. Jenna completed a Bachelor of Science in Human and Behavioral Sciences degree from the University of Missouri.

Jenna received her training to practice EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy from the EMDR Center of the Rockies. Jenna is also trained in CBT (cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (a mindfulness-based form of CBT), and mindfulness practices.

Jenna worked for years as a school-based therapist where she helped countless youth and families better navigate the complexities of coming of age, families’ struggles, identity formation, and day-to-day life. Jenna knows how to work with teens and include parents in the process so that the teen retains the privacy they need to make real gains for themselves.


With Jenna, you will feel comfortable immediately. She is warm and connecting in addition to being skilled at her work. She feels real and genuine from the moment you meet her in a way that imparts a sense of safety and connection without having to say anything.

Jenna helps people manage anxiety about the unknown while discovering more about themselves, including their values, goals, strengths, and passions. Through easy conversation and kind but accurate reflections and skill-building, Jenna will help you live with less anxiety, depression, and struggle. Together, you and Jenna will redefine what it means to be you.

Giulia Pecone, MSW, SWC

Therapy and mindfulness practice are not just a career, they are a lifestyle. Since I can remember, I knew that my journey as a social worker and mental health professional was meant to serve those with trauma and high levels of anxiety. My experience in these realms lies not only in the work I do with my clients, but within myself. As we navigate our emotions together in the therapy space, I have committed to continuing my own self care outside of the room to better understand the tools I’m providing to my clients.

Giulia’s Experience

I am a graduate of the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work and have specialized in working with adolescents and parents who experience high levels of anxiety. As a yoga practitioner of 17+ years, I also find great value in incorporating a mindfulness based approach to my practice as a means to reduce the symptoms related to fight or flight.

Anxiety can create physical pain in both the body and mind, and it is my goal to decrease these symptoms by giving our emotions and experiences a voice. This may be recognized through talk therapy, or interactive play. I am trained in CBT and play therapy and offer an interactive approach to the therapy model by providing various tools to enhance our cognitive thinking through physical engagement with the body.

Giulia’s Counseling Style

As a parent myself, I recognize the impacts of stress in a family system both within my children and myself. In addition to my work with children and teens, I offer parent coaching to families who are interested in better understanding how to support their children as they navigate peer pressure and personal stressors that come with childhood development. As we begin to enroll our children and young adults in therapy, we may find that the best results stem from our personal engagement in this process alongside them.

Chloe Lara-Russack MA

Chloe has spent her life examining the roles and symbols embedded in our everyday life. She has done work professionally as a drama coach as well as using drama, symbols and imagery to inform powerful personal change, heal and empower people. She is gifted in a skill set that is rare and ought to be coveted. Chloe is well informed, passionate in addition to being easy to talk to.


Chloe earned her BA from Bates College in Theatre and Education and her MA at NYU in Drama Therapy. If you do not know what drama therapy is Chloe will be excited to tell you when you meet. The interventions and coaching process that Chloe has cultivated from that education are uniquely hers and powerful. Her work does not fall squarely in any one camp so for our purposes at NBC we are calling it Narrative Processing Coaching. It is astonishing work and any name would fall short. Chloe studied Art & Social change in Uganda and South Africa for a thesis on ‘Theatre as a Healing Tool’. She has been the Executive Director of the Children’s Theatre in Boston for many years. She also wrote another thesis on ‘Female Teens in Adolescence’ which you can read soon. We are working on getting it online.


Chloe has a unique way of seeing through the role we’ve written ourselves into in our lives. In her work with clients she facilities people in seeing the bigger picture. Chloe uses metaphor and imagery to help people understand and empower their own narratives. What this looks like in practice is elegant and easy. Chloe asks clients to think of the place they are stuck or curious about and then to share the picture they see when they think of it, from there she does an amazing job of helping people see how much they already know but have shrouded in the mystery of metaphor and symbols. Chloe’s humor, candor, and skills are on point. If you want to understand yourself clearly and feel powerful, you will do well to schedule an appointment with her. You can do that HERE. Chloe works with adults and adolescence in this work.

Chloe works in 1-3 session packages focused on a single issue or query. She will help you find the themes and main ‘characters’ in your own life so that you can live a more informed and embodied life. The work you do with Chole seamlessly flows back into more traditional therapy with our talk therapists. Chloe’s sessions are online via our HIPPA compliant video platform.

Harry Chiang, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Harry would be honored to serve as your personal licensed psychologist.  Harry is here to help with all your therapy needs in a caring, compassionate, and confidential manner using the most current research-driven practices and methodologies.  Harry offers weekend, evening and virtual therapy appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.  His specialties include helping patients with anxiety along with a diverse array of difficulties including depression, trauma, cognitive difficulties/ADHD, addiction, and family/couple’s therapy.  Harry will teach you how to use principles of psychology specific to your life’s circumstances so that you are able to live the life you want and achieve your full potential.

Harry’s Experience

Harry is a Doctor in Psychology, Licensed Psychologist, Affiliate Professor in Psychological Sciences at a Colorado State University, where he specializes in clinical psychology, diverse array of mental illnesses, and cognitive issues. Harry graduated with highest honors from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Biology.  After college, Harry was accepted into many of our nation’s most prestigious and selective medical schools (MD programs).  He successfully attended medical school for 2 years, yet felt an intrinsic calling to serve our Nation’s most disadvantaged and underserved populations.  Therefore, Harry took a voluntary leave of absence from medical school to work as an inner-city public-school teacher.  For the next 23 years, it has been Harry’s life’s work to serve our community as a(n): licensed psychologist, doctor, professor, and inner-city teacher/administrator.  Harry would love to use his diverse expertise to help you to reach all your goals and aspirations.

Harry’s Counseling Style

Harry’s methodology aligns with the most current research-based therapy techniques for clinical matters.  Harry takes the time to first know you as a person, earn your trust/respect, understand your difficulties, and collaborates with you to create a custom-made action plan(s) to reach our short-, mid-, and long-term goals. There are many different therapy techniques utilized in clinical psychology. Harry uses his expertise to individualize action plans for your specific case.  All action plans are fluid and constantly change to match your progress.  This allows for optimal and consistent growth and progress.

Juanita Sawyer, MA, LPCC

You can come to Juanita with your moments as an overwhelmed mom, your experience in loss or grief, your own journey at the end of life, or changing needs in relationships. You can come to Juanita with your day to day anxieties or your major life transitions. You can come to her and trust that you will have an approachable, authentic therapist who believes you in your experience. Whether you have a need for anxiety treatment or help with anything that makes you feel other than yourself, you have a place with Juanita.

Juanita’s Experience

Juanita (she/her) comes to counseling by way of her work as a birth and postpartum doula. In that role, Juanita saw the need for support for emotional health during major life transitions and began her path to the work of empowering people on their personal journeys. The heart of Juanita’s practice rests in birth and death support; this makes room for every transition between.

Juanita’s Counseling Style

Juanita’s therapeutic approach is rooted in connecting with her clients and creating a safe space for exploration and healing. In that, her approach emphasizes mindfulness, Solution Focused Therapy, and incorporates CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) practices.

As a generalist, Juanita’s practice is open to anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional health. Her practice is LGBTQIA+ inclusive and she practices with sensitivity to ethnic and cultural variation.

Director North Boulder Counseling

Gennifer Morley, M.A. L.P.C.

Gen became a counselor after years working in the medical profession. While on the path to becoming a nurse practitioner, she realized that the aspect of medicine she most appreciated was supporting patients when they faced significant change and challenges in their lives.

With years of experience and research, Gen has created an approach to counseling that effectively combines evidenced based therapies with a down to earth approachability. Gen is well informed and easy to talk to. She frames therapeutic concepts in ways that make them meaningful and helpful to your personal experiences.

Gen’s Experience

Gen received her master’s degree in transpersonal counseling psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She has a bachelor’s degree in human development and outdoor education from Prescott College in Arizona. Her extensive expertise includes EMDR training at Maiberger Institute in Boulder, CBT training at Noeticus Counseling Center in Denver as well as programs in art and sand play therapy at the Colorado Institute for Play Therapy.

She has more than two decades of professional experience working to support children and families. She has helped adults, children, couples and families to live lives with less struggle.

Gen is a licensed professional counselor by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

As the director of North Boulder Counseling, Gen specializes in anxiety and major life transitions for adults & children.

Gen’s Counseling Style

Gen’s counseling style focuses on establishing supportive connections with clients. In most sessions with Gen you will feel deeply, laugh often and challenge your ways of thinking. She has a clinical approach that helps clients become more aware of how they respond to their daily lives so that they are able make different choices and increase their tolerance for uncertainty. Specifically, Gen may employ CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Gestalt Therapy, Play therapy with children and EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprogramming), all with a mindfulness and integrated perspective. Gen gives clients practical ways to address the issues compromising their wellbeing.

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