Anxiety and Depression Get Worse Working From Home: What Can you Do?

A woman lays her head down on the table. Anxiety treatment in Boulder, CO can offer support with the stress of working at home. Contact an anxiety therapist to learn more about depression treatment in Boulder, CO. 80301

The Cost and Benefit of Working from Home I was personally accommodating from the beginning of COVID about wearing masks and distancing, but I never stopped going to my office even when I was only doing online sessions. Let me tell you why. First I have the luxury of having a private office and running my own business, so the...[ read more ]

Why Back to School is A Big Deal & 3 Ways to Make It Better

An image of rainbow pencils lined up for North Boulder Counseling. We offer child counseling in Boulder, CO. Contact a child therapist to learn more about anxiety treatment and other services. 80301

  Do you have a mix of excitement and anxiety about the school year? Or, is it only dread? We have all been doing the back-to-school thing for years and years. But, it’s always a little different and unknown as a result. Summer is when we rest the academic and social parts of our minds. We tend to spend less...[ read more ]

A Depression Therapist in Boulder, CO Explains The Difference Between Sadness & Depression

A woman hides her face as she appears to cry. Depression treatment in Boulder, CO can provide support through difficult times. Contact a depression therapist today for more support!

By Dr. Harry M. Chiang What is the difference between sadness and depression? This is one of the most asked questions that I get as a licensed psychologist. So, I’ll use this blog to help explain this common question. Sadness is a feeling that everyone experiences as one goes through everyday life. In the simplest terms, sadness is temporary and...[ read more ]

5 Suggestions for Being a LGBTQ+ Ally All Year Long

Every year when June rolls around I get excited to see a myriad of rainbows around the city of Boulder announcing the arrival of Pride Month. Then the month ends, and I find myself wondering if those individuals and businesses that displayed their pride so openly are still promoting LGBTQ allyship all year long? Don’t get me wrong, I love...[ read more ]

Recognizing and Understanding Triggers

We hear this word all the time… trigger. But what is a trigger and what do we do with it? There are so many ways we can feel a trigger. Usually we feel it in our body. One example is the positive experience that comes with a trigger where you hear a song or see an image that reminds you...[ read more ]

The Perfect Combo: Summer & Therapy in Boulder, CO

green canoe on a calm lake in a fisheye perspective, late summer in Arapaho Bend Natural Area, Fort Collins, Colorado representing how working on therapy during the summer can give you the space to explore the things you enjoy even more.

The Best Time for Therapy Is When You Feel Good.  Spoiler Alert: Summer. MYTH: Therapy is reserved for when you're really struggling or is only for really ‘messed up' folks. Of course, therapists always want to support someone who is struggling, no matter what their challenge may be. But therapy can help even if you are just looking to better...[ read more ]

Real Stories Of People Changing for the Better From Therapy

Photo of a parent with children in a Colorado flower field.

Why Therapy Is Worth Every Minute and Dollar Recently, I put a query on a parenting forum group I’m part of here in Colorado. I asked, ‘Do you do Therapy? Why or why not’ The responses were what I expected: Yes, and it has been so valuable to my well-being. I’m so much less anxious. Or, yes! It has made...[ read more ]

Comprehensive Guide To All Things Anxiety

A smiling girl is shown. This represents concepts of anxiety treatment in Boulder, CO.

The Basics of Anxiety What is anxiety?  Honestly, the word anxiety gets thrown around a lot. Anxiety is a medical diagnosis with established diagnostic criteria.  What are the 6 main symptoms of anxiety? Being especially alert, restless, on edge, or feeling overwhelmed without a clear reason Difficulting concentrating: feeling like your mind is blank or too full to pick a...[ read more ]

Connecting to Conscious Communication

You’re in conflict and you’re stuck in fight or flight. Your body and brain are hyper focused on being heard, so you passive aggressively express your needs using language that removes personal integrity. “You made me feel this way.” “You should do this instead.” We run ourselves and our loved ones in circles wanting our needs to be met, and...[ read more ]

My Cup Runneth Over: Early Parenting Myths

What do you need? Right now, what is missing from your days? How do you know you’re being cared for? When do you take a moment to witness all of your growth and change and hard work? How do you find your rest? How do you fill your cup? These questions are applicable in most moments in life, but for...[ read more ]

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