Signs your stress is too high: 1. Feeling stress during things that would normally bring you joy. What it may mean: When stress is very high or goes on for too long, it can create anxiety, which is more complex and pervasive than stress. Anxiety begins to color our experience more thoroughly than stress and makes it difficult to see...[ read more ]


There are three things that are key to maintaining desire and fire in a longterm relationship. 1. Each person in the relationship is responsible for continuing to make themselves feel sexy. That means they may work out, eat well, engage in a certain hobby, continue to be curious in their work or spend time with friends, whatever it is that...[ read more ]


Sometimes after some loss, loss of a loved one, loss of a dream, loss of a way of living, we find ourselves looking in the mirror and the person looking back looks like us, but doesn't feel like us. Times when we do the things we always do and hear our voice and see our actions knowing them as our...[ read more ]

Number one thing to do when you’re going through hell.

Sometimes it's our turn to go through hell. Whatever version of it you are going through, this will help. Fair advertising, there is no way out all together. You've got to go through. But, if you have to go through anyway, you may as well have one thing to focus on, one thing to be sure of. The thing to...[ read more ]

How to support someone who is grieving.

Grief is a necessary part of living a full life. The best way to support someone who is grieving is to appreciate that their grief is part of having loved and invested ourselves in the world and in people. We don't have grief if we didn't care. Grief is complex and can take a long time to move through, far...[ read more ]

Fighting is an essential part of intimacy.

A colleague of mine, Katherine Schafler a Psychotherapist in NYC, wrote a great blog about fighting with your partner, which I wanted to share with all of you. It reminded me of two things, one a mentor telling me as long as a couple it still fighting there is hope, and two John Gottman's amazing research on couples and intimacy....[ read more ]

Mental health issues highlighted in very real ways in S-Town podcast

Recently I was asked by a writer at '' about my thoughts on the mental health issues raised in a rich new podcast called S-Town. The resulting article is linked here. It has some thoughtful angles on mental health and our ability and motivations for helping people. Article S-Town podcast

How to have a better panic attack

One thing I most appreciate is when I get to help people change their relationship to their panic attacks. The reality is that we can’t always make them stop. Sometimes our best bet is to learn how to get through them better. I wrote this because I and so many people I love, know what it's like to suffer from...[ read more ]

Creativity creates a path through pain

I was excited to share the article linked below about Syrian refugee children using art as therapy as a path through their pain and trauma. Both because of the power of art and play to offer a path through our pain and because of the understated point in the article about human resilience and our drive toward wellness. Have you...[ read more ]

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