5 Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong

As the events of COVID-19 continue to unfold, many of us are focusing on how we can keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible. While social distancing and increased hand washing can be very effective at stopping the spreading of the Corona virus, it is equally important to keep our immune systems strong.With this in mind, here are...[ read more ]

Why am I so scared? How COVID-19 unseats us and how to regain center

Here is a great blog about why we feel so much fear and anxiety in the COVID 19 times and what to do with it by my friend and skilled Boulder Therapist Emily Isaacs. The waters are choppy these days.  What sort of boat are you sailing in? As a whole society we have sailed into uncharted waters - a...[ read more ]

Why do therapy during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The go to mentality in crisis is a scarcity mentality. It makes sense. When we feel threatened, we go into our fight or flight brain and protect ourselves and our loved ones. This is a great standard human feature that has gone a long way in keeping us going as a species. The big difference in the coronavirus pandemic is...[ read more ]

How to Handle Grief and Loss from Social Distancing During COVID

Social distancing by definition means a lot of loss and with loss we have grief. When we stay away from the life we've made, we can lose out on a lot of what we value in our lives. We may lose out on relationships, income, childcare, adventures, social support, opportunities to expand our lives or goals, the list goes on...[ read more ]

Anxiety and the coronavirus: 3 tips for a better pandemic

If you weren't already anxious, it seems like maybe the coronavirus could've given you a solid push into the anxiety department of your life. Of course we can't change that the virus is here nor can we change that the toilet paper is not here, but there are a few things that we could do that might help us get...[ read more ]

How to challenge anxious thoughts: guest blog by Christy Pennison

Do you ever experience anxious thoughts you can’t escape? You are not alone. Many times we can get wrapped up in our head with our thoughts spinning out of control. And, instead of trying to find a way out or forward, we often dig down deeper into a hole of no return. When you find yourself struggling with anxious thoughts,...[ read more ]


Signs your stress is too high: 1. Feeling stress during things that would normally bring you joy. What it may mean: When stress is very high or goes on for too long, it can create anxiety, which is more complex and pervasive than stress. Anxiety begins to color our experience more thoroughly than stress and makes it difficult to see...[ read more ]


There are three things that are key to maintaining desire and fire in a longterm relationship. 1. Each person in the relationship is responsible for continuing to make themselves feel sexy. That means they may work out, eat well, engage in a certain hobby, continue to be curious in their work or spend time with friends, whatever it is that...[ read more ]


Sometimes after some loss, loss of a loved one, loss of a dream, loss of a way of living, we find ourselves looking in the mirror and the person looking back looks like us, but doesn't feel like us. Times when we do the things we always do and hear our voice and see our actions knowing them as our...[ read more ]

Number one thing to do when you’re going through hell.

Sometimes it's our turn to go through hell. Whatever version of it you are going through, this will help. Fair advertising, there is no way out all together. You've got to go through. But, if you have to go through anyway, you may as well have one thing to focus on, one thing to be sure of. The thing to...[ read more ]

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