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Clinical Supervision in Boulder, CO

LPC Supervision in Boulder, CO  

You’re a therapist looking for quality clinical supervision in Colorado. You’re interested in a balanced approach to psychotherapy. This includes mindfulness, CBT, Gestalt, Sand, Art, and Somatic therapy influences and for all ages. In addition, you need a clinical supervisor in Colorado who is the whole package. A clinical supervisor to not only sign off on your clinical hours. But someone who can also give you sound feedback on your client cases. In addition, you would like to learn how to build your own private practice in Colorado as part of the clinical supervision process. 

I can help.

 Gennifer Morley MA LPC

(Please call me Gen)

The Basics

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I have spent more than two decades helping people. I run a successful group counseling practice in Boulder, Colorado. And, one of my most cherished parts of my day is clinical supervision with other Colorado therapists. I have legal, ethical, and professional knowledge to support your development as a psychotherapist. In addition, I have worked with therapy clients of all ages. And, couples and families. I believe that humans are profoundly resilient and capable. And, when we as therapists invite them to that vision of themselves, they show up for themselves in new ways. 

How I See It As A Clinical Supervisor

I believe that you are the primary tool in therapy. And, that building knowledge of and trust in yourself is the primary function of the developing therapy. As a clinical supervisor, I strive to help you know when to trust your process as a therapist. And, when to self reflect and maybe course correct. It is exciting to me to know that there’s a hunger for therapists to develop their art. There are so many amazing people building their skills to become better and better therapists. And, can effectively support people in building their tolerance for distress. In addition, learning to maximize their ability to rest in peace in their lives. This piece of clinical supervision makes my heart beat.

Whether we’re sitting together in Boulder, CO or meeting through video chat from anywhere in the state of Colorado, I want to be part of that journey of growth for you.

Important Considerations of Clinical Supervision in Colorado

That being said, there a few important pieces of clinical supervision that should be kept in mind. There are ethical and legal issues that may not cross the mind of the evolving therapist. As a clinical supervisor, I am well versed in these areas and can offer peace of mind in these matters. I can guide you to the places where you might find the best answers throughout your career. And, giving you the right answers today. 

Learning How You Know What You Know Through Clinical Supervision 

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When you walk away from a quality clinical supervisor relationship, there are some things you can expect. First, you should expect to understand why your clinical style is effective. Second, how you know what you know in session. What did you pick up on in the session that helped you understand the client and the situation so well? Often, as therapists, we get the sense of a client and it’s difficult to explain. Sometimes, we might call it a gut feeling or intuition. Ultimately, even the truest gut feeling can be traced to more subtle client expressions. This includes aspects like tone, speech cadence, or their appearance on a given day. If you can trace your own intuition in the early stages of your career, you will do far better at weeding out the times that you are projecting. As a therapist that has been providing clinical supervision in Colorado for a few years, this is a vital piece to the clinical supervision puzzle. 

Learning How to Not Know What to Do In a Session

As a clinical supervisor in Boulder, CO, I have seen a common among the therapists that I provide clinical supervision for. Many therapists struggle with not knowing what to do in the session. You sit there and a client is slowly unpacking what sounds insurmountable to you. And, as they talk you find yourself more planning what the heck you are going to say to them than listening deeply. If we are honest, all therapists have been there at some point. This is a rich place to be as a therapist if not terrifying. This is the place that you learn the most about what your job really is and who you are. We were all told at one time or another that our job is not to fix. But, that is pretty hard to feel when someone is sitting with you in immense pain and asking you pointedly how to fix it. 

How Clinical Supervision in Will Prepare You For This

While clinical supervision won’t give you the “answer” for this, it can help you navigate your career as a mental health professional. It can help set you up for professional success and satisfaction. One of the best things we will do together in clinical supervision is to work on your process for not knowing with a therapy client. First, we’ll look at how you do that with yourself. Second, how you will do that with them so that you retain the relationship. And, do well by them as a therapist and make a lot of room for something new to happen together. Not knowing might just be your superpower if you stay with it. 

In Clinical Supervision, Our Time together Will Be Real. And, Really Helpful.

Let’s Get started 

Business Coaching in Boulder, CO

Learning How to Build Your Dream Private Practice By Working With A Business Coach in Boulder, CO

Make Real Money…A LOT Of Money and Do Good in the World 

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Let’s face it. You need money to live and the work you do as a therapist is valuable. And, when done effectively, changes people’s lives forever. We don’t usually learn much of anything in grad school about making money as a therapist. 

Given the mainstream trajectory, you will be burned out and still underpaid in ten years. The world needs you. I suggest that not be your plan. Let me help you make a real business plan grounded in experience, financial planning, and creating wealth. 

How Business Coaching in Boulder, CO Can Help

A theme I’ve seen when providing business coaching is people having unrealistic expectations of their private practice. Many times, therapists start a private practice and think their ideal clients realize it. Instead, they hope that if they are good enough people will eventually realize this. And, then just magically show up. This is NOT how it works. I would love to help you make a grounded vision of success that is based on a vision of truly helping humanity. All while ensuring your security, wellbeing, and financial future.

Is Business Coaching Necessary?

As a business coach in Boulder, CO, I’m familiar with the market. Colorado is a competitive place to have a private practice. As a business coach, I can help you create a strong and reliable career business. In addition, I have a wide breadth of professional experience from mental health agency work to specialized therapy skills. Furthermore, I have a huge breadth and depth of knowledge on building a BOSS private practice from the ground up.

What Separates Me As A Business Coach

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As an experienced business coach in Boulder, CO, I’ve had time to develop my style. I will share with you the specific logistics of building a private practice. Right down to the forms you will need and financial planning systems. These skills are invaluable to a psychotherapist thinking about creating their own private practice. Anyone can hang a shingle out as a private practice. But, not everyone can birth someone inspiring to their community. You can have the practice you dream of and the financial security you will need to keep it going. 

I can not wait to hear your vision and help you give it roots.

Contact me via email to learn more about growing your private practice and starting business coaching in Boulder, CO.

Beginning Clinical Supervision or Business Coaching in Boulder, CO

As an experienced clinical supervisor, I have helped many budding therapists develop their craft. In addition, I offer business coaching in Boulder, CO to mental health professionals looking to grow a private or group practice. I can provide you the tools you need in either clinical supervision or business coaching to reach your career goals. When you’re ready to begin business coaching or clinical supervision, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our Boulder based group practice to request an appointment.
  2. Learn more about our team of therapists and our approach to supervision and coaching.
  3. Start to reach your 5-year goals in 2 years.

Other Services offered at North Boulder Counseling:

At North Boulder Counseling, we’re able to provide more than clinical supervision and business coaching. Our therapy clinic in Boulder, CO is here to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We specialize in giving you the tools to control your anxiety and stress so you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Our therapists can offer an anxiety treatment intensive program, postpartum anxiety treatment, postpartum depression counseling, perinatal support, parenting coaching,  grief counseling, trauma treatment and EMDR, depression treatment, teen therapy, LGTBQ counseling, and play therapy.  Also, we offer services geared towards men, complementing the services we offer for women. In response to the stress of parenting during this time, we have upgraded our approach to parenting support and parenting coaching. In addition, we’re particularly mindful when working with individuals navigating eating disorders and disordered eating. To accommodate safety for our clients, we provide online therapy in Colorado so that we can work with you anywhere in the state! Reach out to our counseling clinic today and invest in your future!



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