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Anxiety treatment

There’s no need for you to continue to live feeling overwhelmed.
Gen combines current research in neurobiology and simple mindfulness techniques with evidence based counseling modalities to provide a unique and effective therapy for anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the felt experience that something is really wrong or at best really out of control. Reality may or may not reflect that, but when we are truly anxious, we are unable to turn off that sense of distress even when we look around and see with our own eyes that there is nothing immediately threatening our well being. Anxiety is exhausting, defeating and manageable when we begin to relate to it differently.
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Get to know your anxiety. What do you feel when you are anxious? How is your breathing, your heart beat, your vision? We often spend so much time trying to avoid our anxiety that we really don’t know much about it at all except that we don’t like it. Getting to know it better gives us information for effectively working with it. Often the best place to interrupt anxiety is with our body.

Neurobiology of anxiety

Your brain takes input from your senses and determines in milliseconds if it is a threat or not. If it is deemed a threat, the reaction is relegated to the fight or flight center in the brain. Whenever that portion of our brain is employed, access to higher level thinking is limited. This means: if you are feeling anxious, you are also unlikely to use rationale thinking to stop your anxiety.

Who’s driving the car?

Often when you are making choices and conclusions from an anxiety state, it is a more childlike or fearful part of your brain driving your actions. Building the skills to recognize when a childlike portion of your brain is driving, can help you remove the fear from the driver’s seat and replace it with your empowered adult thinking.

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