Pregnancy & Postpartum ​Counseling & Support

Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy signals the advent of significant change in our bodies, relationships and life style. While much of pregnancy is thought to be exciting and magical it can also be extremely challenging across many aspects of our lives.
Pregnancy and motherhood may also magnify fears, traumas and stressors from our past or present that were previously more manageable.
You don’t have to navigate this time alone. We can help you appreciate more of your pregnancy while being honest with yourself about your hopes, fears and values.

Postpartum counseling

The postpartum period may be the most tumultuous and mixed emotional time in a mothers life. While we do talk about postpartum depression, the period after birth can present far more complicated struggles than depression alone. Instances of anxiety, depression, OCD including intrusive thoughts are all among common experiences of women in the postpartum (often beyond) period of motherhood.
Let us support you as you navigate the complexities of your life as a mother.
*Please feel free to bring your baby, contact us with any questions.

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