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At North Boulder Counseling we work with women to balance thinking and feeling in a way that makes women especially powerful. In difficult experiences people tend to lean heavily on either thinking or feeling, when in reality if you can find an inclusive middle way, you will have a whole experience informed by your head and your heart. From this place you will find grounding and strength to make sense of your life from both a smart and emotionally sound place.

The truth is that you know what’s best for you even when you can’t see it because it’s clouded in your distress or confusion. It’s our job to support you in finding your way. We will share with you what we see, and we can decide together if it’s something that you may be missing in your efforts to be well. We will check with you to see if what we see feels true and right and recalibrate if it’s not right on. In this way, we are teaming our expertise in the psychology field with your expertise about yourself. It’s the perfect team.

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Are you feeling:

  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed
  • Tried all the time
  • Constantly behind
  • That you’re never enough
  • Depressed or hopeless
  • Confused why are you aren’t more happy
  • Like you can’t relax or cant get out of bed
  • Distracted

Are you struggling with:

Women experience the world differently.

Stressed or Depressed Good Women

One common experience we hear from women that we see is that you have worked hard in your life, mostly done the ‘right thing’, you are open minded, smart and kind, but you are not as happy as it seems you could be given how much you put into your life.

We Can Help You Be Happier With What Your Life As Is.

When you work hard taking care of outside details & demands you are likely to lose track of your own inner voice. That quiet guide inside you that knows what you need each day to feel most alive. Often it feels like huge things in our lives have to change for us to be happy maybe even so much that happiness feels impossible, but more common it’s smaller external stuff that needs to shift and bigger internal stuff, making your happiness well within reach.

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What’s the difference between ANXIETY & STRESS

Many of the symptoms of stress and anxiety overlap like:

  • trouble focusing
  • worrying
  • racing heart
  • distracted or hyper focused
  • racing or blank mind
  • trouble seeing the good in things
  • tension in your body
  • agitated or restless
  • grumpy or short tempered

The biggest difference between stress and anxiety is time. Stress is a healthy part of a full life because it is also exciting and challenging in some ways, but the key thing is that it ends. So you can be stressed about a work project, or moving or finances. When the stress is constant, present at a low hum even when things are going well or there are no big projects then it is anxiety. Another big difference between anxiety and stress is that you feel anxiety even when there’s clearly not problem and /or disproportionately to the problems you have.

Stress is a state that we move through while anxiety is a trait of our daily experience. If you hear yourself saying your ‘stressed out’ or ‘super busy’ most days, you may be more anxious than depressed. If you can’t remember when you went days without feeling stressed then you may be anxious.

Is Anxiety the Achilles Heel of Success?

We see often that anxious people can be very successful. This is one defining attribute of an entrepreneur. Being Colorado based, we see a lot of entrepreneurs. Excelling at meeting the markers of success so that you look good on paper but may not feel so good in person. We understand how surprised and disappointed you may be to reach adulthood and find out that you did all the things you said you would but that you do not have the peace and happiness or sense of pride that you expected you would.

We work with successful women who are smart enough to know they are ‘doing it right’ but they still don’t feel happy. We have been successful time and again in helping strong competent women come into their own well being in ways that actually increase their success, improve their relationships and parenting as a side effect of building a stronger relationship to their own needs and inner voice.

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