Trauma Therapy & EMDR

What is EMDR ?

Eye movement desensitization & reprocessing…
It is much more approachable and simple than the title might have you think.
EMDR uses bi-lateral (left/right) stimulation, like eye movements, sound, or tapping, to support the brains innate ability to let difficult thoughts, memories or impulses move through and become less and less charged.
EMDR can help you in making room for new experiences of peace and joy.
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What does EMDR therapy look and feel like?

EMDR uses bi-lateral (right/left) stimulation to help the brain reprocess and move old memories, thoughts or experiences so that they become less and less charged.

The type of stimulation (sound, eye movement, touch) is chosen by you based on what is most comfortable.

EMDR stimulates the parts of our brain that are less centered round words so it can allow us to access and ease suffering or confusion we could not name or organize in words previously.

EMDR is very different than traditional talk therapy. There is very little talking. The process focuses primarily on experiencing and feeling in short (~1m intervals). The short intervals keep you grounded in the present, so that we are not swept away and can manage the tough stuff in small ‘bites’, rather than all at once.

EMDR is not ideal for everyone in their process, so if you are interested in EMDR, please be in touch via email or call and we can see if EMDR is a good fit for your needs.

Why EMDR for panic attacks, trauma and more…

A significant amount of research has been done on EMDR and combat veterans, so it is often associated with that kind of trauma. While, that is work that we can do in our office using EMDR, we can also support several other symptoms via EMDR.

EMDR is in fact also been proven very effective for panic attacks, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), intrusive thoughts, impulsive behaviors and a host of trauma or triggering events, thoughts or memories.

It is not uncommon for people to outcomes that they worked in other talk based therapies without being to achieve. We will still use talk based therapies between EMDR sessions, if we choose to employ EMDR.

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