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  • Need Help After a Life Altering Event?

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You are ready for the therapy that will facilitate lasting change in your life

Your new therapist will get started with you quickly so that you can get going on your goals and be that much closer to feeling good.

Anxiety is NOT all bad. Let us help you capitalize on how you are.

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There are several kinds of anxiety, which one can you relate to?

Here are the TOP 3 ways anxiety shows up for Adults


1. I don’t stop moving or thinking until I crash

  1. PRO: I get a lot done *when I can focus
  2. CON: I can feel out of control and the crashes can be hard

2. I worry a lot. If I am honest the majority of my thoughts are some kind of worrying

  1. PRO: I feel like I’m keeping yourself safe and being smart
  2. CON: I sometimes miss the good stuff looking for what’s wrong

3. I have a very full life. It all looks great from the outside. I have some level of knowing I’m out of balance with doing and being in my life

  1. PRO: I have accomplished a lot that I am proud of
  2. CON: I am uncertain about my well-being. I wonder if it’s time to reassess my priorities.

Does this sound familiar to you?

-I’m successful but not especially happy
-I am both anxious and/or depressed at times
-I am a new mom (&) it feels harder than I’d like to admit
-My child is sad or anxious and I don’t know how to help them
-I am scared that my teen may be suicidal
-I know everything is fine but I feel afraid and can’t enjoy my life
-I am missing/wasting my life being anxious and stressed
-I can’t focus
-I feel anxious all the time


We Get it...

Your anxiety is frustrating and can even be painful.


If you are:

Professional reeling from anxiety, you are unable to sleep or maybe unable to focus,
but certainly unable to enjoy all that you have worked for.
Mom feeling like you can not get it right or if you do it comes at the unsustainable price of either losing yourself or your sanity.
Parent watching the heart wrenching experience of your children wrestling with anxiety or feelings they don’t understand. Watching your children not enjoying being children.
Teen surrounded by terrifying realities that break your heart and leave you confused and uncertain about your future and maybe life itself.
Man largely keeping your anxiety to yourself despite the enormity of it.
Maybe you’re wishing you could at least just have it be private, but it’s not working anymore.
LGBTQIA+ folx aching in ways you do not expect other people to understand or don’t even want to think about, let alone share with people.

you have found the right therapists. 

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Therapy for Anxiety

5 things our Anxiety Therapists Can Help You Achieve
During Anxiety Treatment
in Boulder, CO

1. Increase your awareness and understanding of your anxiety so you can see the patterns
2. Gain skills to better tolerate when you do feel anxious or stressed
3. Finding ways out of the anxiety sooner when it comes on
4. Understanding the role anxiety plays in your life, both helpful and not so helpful.
5. Increase  your control and power over stress, worry, and anxiety
6. Feel more relaxed, happier, and at ease: enjoy your life more.


You can be less anxious, more relaxed and satisfied in your life.

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