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"There is always a way forward, but that way is not always something we can find on our own."
- Therapist, Gen Morley

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Our LGBTQ therapists offer support for folx wherever they are on their journey in life

gay couple embracing outdoors in the mountains near boulder, co. Begin LGBTQ counseling in Boulder, CO at North Boulder CounselingBuilding intimate relationships when you're LGTBQ+

You know who you are and what you might want your relationships to look like, but you could use some support on the path of actually making the vision a reality. We can help! Our therapists are trained to support you on your path to find the right person to love. We will also be there to assist you in navigating the new or unique bumps you encounter as you make your way forward in the dating world.

Exploring your identity as a member of the LGBTQ community in Colorado

We know it can be challenging to clarify your gender identity and sexuality. And, we're aware of just how much courage it takes to share it with the rest of the world. Therefore, we pride ourselves on knowing how to support you every step of the way. We can help you. Rather you're just beginning the process of living authentically and embracing your true self, or if you know and love who you are and are ready to share it with everyone else.

Relationship Difficulties After Coming Out:

Sometimes, as you find your way forward in life, some of your relationships may not move forward with you. We know that coming out to your friends, family, colleagues, and peers can be very hard. And, they may not take the news well. That's very unfortunate. And, we're so sorry that you're experiencing these challenges. But, we can help you decide if you want to try and fix strained relationships, or simply move on. Maybe, you are ready to look into what relationships you might still be able to have with people you have loved, and we are happy to help you navigate your new relationship. Or, perhaps you have found yourself fully at a loss with people you once were close with. Our compassionate therapists can help you process that loss, and eventually, determine how you will take the experience with you in your future.

Black and white city scape with a colored pride flag waving. Begin LGBTQ counseling in Boulder, CO at North Boulder CounselingTrauma Treatment for LGBTQ Folx:

There are so many ways you may experience loss, trauma, and PTSD when you're navigating the reality being LGBTQ. Especially when you're immersed in a world that is not fully welcoming or even accepting of what it means to be you.

Perhaps, you wonder if anyone will understand and be able to help you cope with the pain you're experiencing? Our trained trauma therapists understand and have the tools to help you process your trauma and move forward. We can help if you've been the victim of assault, bullying, abuse, or systematic discrimination.

Perhaps, you don't even know what to call these feelings you're having. And you're not sure why you feel triggered so strongly in certain situations, or around certain people or places. We help with that too. For trauma, we offer EMDR to help you uncover blocked traumatic memories, and process them fully so healing can begin.

We can help you figure out how to be true to what has happened and find ways that feel true to you. Ultimately, our goal is to help you move forward in your life despite experiences that may have been incredibly painful, scary, or profoundly disappointing.

LGTBQ Teens and Young Adults in Colorado

You might have questions about how your confidentiality will be protected. Please see our teen therapy page to learn more about your privacy rights in therapy as a minor in Colorado. We want you to be informed and able to make the best possible decisions for you.

We can help you be your strongest self, throughout your journey

At North Boulder Counseling our mission is to help you understand yourself and your way forward. We want to work with you and reflect yourself back to you so that you become clear on how you can be you more confidently and more peacefully. There are no magic wands. You will always be you. But, there is an enormous possibility for engaging with your identity, your thoughts, and feelings in a more powerful and effective way.

We want you to live in full acceptance of those parts of you that you find empowering. And, we want to help you embrace those aspects of you that you find hard to live with. Everyone has thoughts or behaviors that they wish would go away. First, you learn to treat yourself with kindness and accept these thoughts or behaviors you wish would go away. But, that doesn't mean you learn to like them. it does mean that you learn to appreciate the complexity of them. This will help you understand that fighting them doesn't work. Then, in time, there comes a softness in which you may be able to choose other thoughts or behaviors that align more with the goals you've set for yourself and your life. Sometimes, the thoughts and behaviors you don't like to go away altogether. And, other times you may just find that you find them much easier to live with.

LGBTQ+ and Proud

Ultimately, our therapists are here to help you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself and your life. We will help you embrace the complexities of being an LGTBQ. And, we will support you through your challenges and help you overcome any challenges you may be experiencing in your life. We want you to know that here at North Boulder Counseling we value and respect you. We will always offer you a safe place to be who you truly are and talk about the issues that matter most to you. We're ready to support you.

*Please note: We do not offer or condone any kind of conversion therapy.

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Lit up sign that says "You belong here" for LGBTQ+ Counseling in Boulder, CO and in online therapy in Colorado.If you're a member of the LGTBQ community looking for acceptance and support, we can assure you that you'll find it at North Boulder Counseling. Our therapists are LGTBQ affirming and ready to assist you in living your best life. Follow these steps to begin therapy in Boulder, CO:

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Other Services offered at North Boulder Counseling:

Our Boulder, CO therapy clinic is committed to helping you overcome your mental health concerns so you can live the life you want. Our therapists offer an anxiety treatment intensive program, anxiety treatment, postpartum anxiety treatment, postpartum depression counseling, perinatal support, parenting coaching,  grief counseling, trauma treatment and EMDR, depression treatment, teen therapy, and play therapy. If you’re a clinician looking for business coaching for therapists or professional supervision and consulting, we can help! We understand that it's not always possible to make to in-person therapy, so we offer online therapy in Colorado to help you overcome your challenges. Get in touch with our counseling clinic today and make an appointment to begin your healing journey towards better mental health!

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