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“There is always a way forward, but that way is not always something we can find on our own.”
Gen Morley

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We offer support for people wherever they are on their journey:

Building intimate relationships

Are you feeling more clear about who you are and what you might want your relationships to look like, but could use some support on the path of actually making the vision a reality? We can help you on the path to find the right people to love and in navigating the new or unique bumps you encounter as you make your way forward.

Exploring your identity

Are you in the process of clarifying how you know yourself and want to share that with the world? We can support you every step of the way. We can help you form questions or stay with the ones you may have held for a long time now. We will listen and reflect back what we hear

Rebuilding family & friend relationships or move on.

Sometimes as you find your way forward in your life it turns out some of our relationships don’t make the journey with you very well. If you are ready to look into what relationships you might still be able to have with people you have loved, we are happy to help. Or, if you have found yourself fully at a loss with people you once were close with, we can help you process that loss and eventually determine how you will take the experience with you into your full future.

Accepting and grieving what has been unthinkably hard

There are so many ways you can experience loss and trauma when you’re navigating the reality of LGBTQ expeinces in a world not fully welcoming or even accepting of what it is to be you. We can help you figure out how to be true to what has happened and find ways that feel true to you to move forward in your life despite experiences that may have been incredibly painful, scary or profoundly disappointing.

Teens and young adults

Please see our teens page to learn more about your privacy rights in therapy as a minor in Colorado

We can help you be your strongest self

At North Boulder Counseling our mission is to help you understand yourself and your way better. We want to work with you and reflect yourself back to you so that you become clear on how you can be you more confidently and more peacefully. There are no magic wands. You will always be you, and there is enormous possibility for engaging with your identity, your thoughts and feelings in more powerful and effective ways.

We want you to live In full acceptance of those parts of you that you find empowering and those aspects of you that you find hard to live with. Everyone has thoughts or behaviors that they wish would go away. In the beginning you learn to take those things with you day to day with more kindness, that doesn’t mean you learn to like them, but that you learn to appreciate the complexity around them and that fighting them doesn’t work. Eventually, there comes a softness in which you may be able to choose other thoughts or behaviors. Sometimes the thoughts and behaviors extinguish and other times you may find they are much easier to live with and may even have value once they’re easier to live with.

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We do not offer any kind of conversion therapy

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